crowd remix Crowd Remix

Lead Engineer on the Common Edits team building Crowd Remix, a mobile DAW for collaborative music.

berklee pulse logo Interactive Chord Charts

pluck or strum the chords of any fretted string instrument

Dadabots Logo "AlgoRhythms" Creative Turing Test

a platform for artificial artists

Awarded 1st prize by Dartmouth's Neukom Institute

judged by one of my heroes David Cope

38% of audience believed our Junglebot to be "Human"

fork Dadabots platform at Github

interview with Highway Magazine


berklee pulse logo Time & Pitch Audio Player

audio engine features:

  • auto-detects BPM of loaded audio files
  • stretches a song's tempo in real time
  • independently transposes pitch

Stop-Motion-Drummer (feat. ZVK)

a virtual version of me doing my favorite thing, drumming!

Awarded 1st prize at Rock-a-thon Cleveland
Featured web-app on NPR's Idea Stream

berklee pulse logo Circle Of Fifth Explorer

interactive scales for guitar, piano, tablature, & notation

berklee pulse logo HTML5 Metronome

a very accurate web audio metronome

try to keep time on the demo page

fork code at Github

Elemental Sound Sampler

ambient earth-sound toy demonstrating image filtering in javascript